Climber Leo Houlding on Scaling the World

Free climber and BASE jumper Leo Houlding has scaled some of the tallest and most challenging peaks and walls in the world – and he’s still hungry for more.

Florence Kagiso: Changing the Face of Guiding in Africa

With the recent International Women’s Day, the spotlight is increasingly falling on women such as Florence Kagiso who are picking up the baton for female empowerment in traditionally men-only areas. 

A Modern Day Explorer

We talk deep sea adventures and the need for a better understanding of the world beneath the waves with explorer and submersible pilot Victor Vescovo, founder of Caladan Oceanic.

Adventure at the Poles

Laurie Di Vincenzo has worked with Quark Expeditions for 12 years and this year will take up the role of first Expedition Leader on the company’s ground-breaking new vessel Ultramarine. 

Making Waves: A Conversation with Paul Theroux

Acclaimed author and friend of Silversea Cruises Paul Theroux talks surf breaks, new novels, and the inevitability of aging in the lead-up to his role as a Tale Teller on the line’s 2022 world cruise. 

Adventure in the Blood

We talk with Jimmy Carroll, co-founder of travel company Pelorus, and a member of team Latitude 35, on marlin attacks, ocean conservation, and the challenges of rowing the Atlantic Ocean.

Meet Afghanistan’s First Female Tour Guide

The tale of Afghanistan’s first female tour guide, Fatima, is not only a story of hope for this war-torn nation, but for the women who seek a better future there. 

The Call of the Mountains

A remote mountain retreat with a purpose, Nayalap showcases sustainable tourism while throwing a lifeline to a community in need. 

Conquering Extremes

American polar adventurer and educator Eric Larsen talks about his fitness regime, the popularity of polar expedition tourism, and offers tips for traveling to the planet’s coldest destinations.

The Ice Whisperer

Multi-award-winning Arctic photographer Joshua Holko talks polar travel essentials and his love affair with the world’s coolest destinations.