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Andbeyond Phinda Forest Lodge reopens in the heart of a rare sand forest in Northern South Africa.  

Conservation-focused luxury travel company andBeyond has reopened one of its most iconic lodges, Phinda Forest Lodge, situated in andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, after an extensive and exciting rebuild.

The property, which was lauded as one of the first true eco-lodges at the time of its original construction, has now been reimagined within the context of the contemporary luxury safari, while retaining subtle references to its original ‘Zulu-zen’ décor with a new elegant and minimalist interior design. 

Interior designers Fox Browne Creative, who have previously worked on the refurbishments of the other five lodges on the reserve, partnered with architectural designer Jack Alexander to reimagine and bring to life the new Phinda Forest Lodge in a design that will offer past guests the comfort and familiarity of one of their most loved lodges while also providing exciting improvements in room flow and functionality.

Andbeyond Phinda Forest Lodge reopens in the heart of a rare sand forest in Northern South Africa.  

Nestled inside 1,000 hectares of Africa’s last remaining dry sand forest in the north of andBeyond Phinda, the lodge embodies a commitment to minimise the impact on the environment. Its iconic rooms were built in perfect harmony with the existing flow of the forest and their design has stood the test of time. As such, the existing room structures have been used to redefine the new lodge in a way that will continue the legacy with which it was originally built. 

The sand forest is one of Phinda’s most distinctive and delicate habitats. It occurs on deep sands, the leftover fossilised dunes of an earlier coastline. Many of the plant species encountered in sand forests can be found nowhere else on Earth. Normally shy mammals such as the red duiker, suni and Tonga red squirrel are often encountered in sand forests, and the area is also rich in birds, with several species restricted solely to this habitat.

Andbeyond Phinda Forest Lodge reopens in the heart of a rare sand forest in Northern South Africa.  

Due to the sensitivity of the habitat, the lodge refurbishment has utilised existing lodge and room structures to minimise the impact associated with an entire rebuild, while also updating the architectural design and taking care not to detract from the essence of the lodge design and its original ‘Zulu-zen’ concept. Throughout the rooms and main guest areas, the interiors have been reimagined with new fixtures and finishes – drawing inspiration from the surrounding sand forest, blending aspects of Japanese minimalism with an ode to local culture. 

Elements of the natural forest and Zulu culture have been brought into the room through the use of tactile textures and natural materials such as woven matting, textured grasscloth wallpaper, and hardwood floors, with natural stone tiling in the bathrooms. The rooms have been reconfigured within the existing structures, creating a more comfortable layout that better utilises the existing space, while maximising the connection to the forest through wide open views.

Andbeyond Phinda Forest Lodge reopens in the heart of a rare sand forest in Northern South Africa.  

Phinda Forest Lodge has always provided guests with an exclusive, private experience immersed in the sand forest, and this has now been further enhanced through the redirection and reduction of pathways to and from the rooms. To assist with the rehabilitation of the old pathways, andBeyond established a nursery which cultivates sand forest tree species that have been planted along the trails. 

Major structural additions include a family suite, a library and lounge, a walkway with a central fire pit linking the main area to the library, a newly reshaped and tiered pool, and significant upgrades to the main dining and bar areas. In keeping with the other lodges in &Beyond’s portfolio, the family suite now comprises a contemporary designed and decorated standard suite linked to a newly built second bedroom, which can be accessed privately or through an additional linked passageway. 

Andbeyond Phinda Forest Lodge reopens in the heart of a rare sand forest in Northern South Africa.  

A new purpose-built building contains the library and sitting room, centred around a reading table and double-sided fireplace with surrounding areas for guests to relax. Timber sliding doors lead to an outdoor deck with its own shaded spaces, nestled among the trees with views of patches of forest and wetland areas. The interior of the library and sitting room combine elements of traditional Zulu culture with cosy minimalist elegance. A wooden walkway seamlessly connects the library to the new pool area, which includes a reshaped and tiered swimming pool designed to maximize the scenic setting and timeless beauty of the sand forest. An all-new massage sala has also been constructed next to the pool. 

Other innovative additions include the central fire pit that is located between the library and the main area, cast out toward the wetland and offering guests the opportunity to indulge in a fireside chat before and after dinner. 

Andbeyond Phinda Forest Lodge reopens in the heart of a rare sand forest in Northern South Africa.  

Phinda is also uniquely positioned to offer other extraordinary adventure activities like diving or ocean safaris at nearby Sodwana Bay. Depending on the season, guests may also be able to enjoy expeditions to admire turtles nesting along the Indian Ocean coastline.

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