New Northern Lights Photography Adventure

Lofton Island’s Hattvika Lodge now offers photography sessions with local talents so you can capture the beauty of the Northern Lights. 

Witnessing the wonderment of the Northern Lights is likely to be on the bucket list of many people, particularly keen photographers interested in capturing the magical dancing colours of the night sky.   So, the owners of Hattvika Lodge, a privately-owned property located in Ballstad, an idyllic fishing village in Norway’s Lofoten archipelago, have teamed up with a number of local photography guides to help visitors to maximise the opportunities of witnessing this amazing natural phenomenon.

While there are no guarantees when nature is involved, the extreme northerly location of Norway’s Lofoten Islands, which are on a latitude of 68 degrees north and situated entirely within the Arctic Circle, makes the chances of viewing the Aurora Borealis – which occurs when particles from solar explosions collide with Earth’s magnetic field – much more likely than further south, even when activity levels are low.

Plus, with the local knowledge and photographic skills of a specialist landscape photographer/guide, visitors will be taken to the best spots with the least light pollution in search of the mystical event, as well as seeing some of the island’s most beautiful, wild and unspoilt scenery in the process.

Lofton Island's Hattvika Lodge now offers photography sessions with local talents so you can capture the beauty of the Northern Lights. 

The optimum time to view the Northern Lights in Lofoten is during the months of September, October, February and March, when the four requirements of darkness, clear skies, northern latitude and solar activity, hopefully, combine to bring the Aurora Borealis to life.  The search requires patience and can be exhausting, involving long nights in all kinds of temperatures, but the end result is exciting, dramatic and so worth the effort!

Exclusive guided photographic tours for up to four guests are available daily and can be booked at Hattvika Lodge on request.  Prices include the services of a driver/guide and expert photographic instruction for the duration of the tour.

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