Aqua Expeditions to Venture to Asmat

Aqua Expeditions has will offer a new destination for November 2025 with a new itinerary to the Asmat region of West Papua.

Not many have heard of the Asmat tribe and even fewer have had the chance to encounter them in person. The new itineraries aboard the award-winning explorer yacht Aqua Blu head deep into the jungles of West Papua, a region hidden away in the furthest reaches of Indonesia.

Start your adventure in the vibrant Papuan regency of Kaimana and set the tone early the next morning while swimming with whale sharks in Triton Bay. Enjoy chef Benjamin Cross’ world-class cuisine on board and indulge in the company’s newly created vegan menu if you please, featuring only natural, plant-based ingredients.

After sailing across the Arafura Sea, arrive in the uncharted Asmat region. Thereon, it’s off to the ship’s private speed boats as guests head down the forested waterways in search of the enigmatic Asmat tribe. Known for their rich heritage and traditions, the Asmat people have a complex social and religious system with a focus on ancestor worship.

Aqua Expeditions has will offer a new destination for November 2025 with a new itinerary to the Asmat region of West Papua.

Guests will have the opportunity to observe the tribe’s unique art and crafts, and witness their traditional dances. To cap off the expedition, guests will discover stunning waterfalls at Momon and Cape Papisol, which also feature remarkable kayaking and snorkelling opportunities along the jungle-fringed shoreline.

The seven-night Asmat expedition is limited to two sailings only. Along with this, there will be two cross-destination expeditions in November 2025 as well: a seven-night exploration of the Spice Islands and West Papua, and a 12-night exploration of West Papua, Asmat, and Raja Ampat. This exclusive set of voyages is expected to book out quickly.

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