Ultimate Encounter


Aardvark Safaris has launched a trio of immersive new walking safaris in South Africa and Tanzania. 

Now you can combine yoga sessions with mesmerising safari game drives at Kenya's ol Donyo Lodge. 

Think you know Japan? You don't until you explore the country's hidden gem, the natural hot springs and snow-capped mountains of Tohoku. 

Japan’s southern island of Kyūshū is the perfect place to sample traditional ryokans, which marry hot springs and Japanese hospitality.

These cutting-edge anti-jetlag devices use light to help kick start the body and mind when passing through time zones.

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts continues its expansion with the opening of The Pavilions Anana Krabi eco-resort in Thailand. 

For travellers looking to indulge in a timeless Nordic tradition the Arctic Bath Hotel & Spa keeps things very chilled indeed.