New Norway Angling Adventures

Sustainable luxury travel company Up Norway has debuted new private excursions on land and sea for avid anglers and big-time adventure seekers.

Custom to skill level, the new tailored offerings include fishing off Sørøya Island, hiking above the Arctic Circle, and everything in between.

Big Fish Adventure

On the island of Sørøya, known for being ‘The Green Eye of the North’, anglers fish for large halibut, coalfish, wolffish, and cod while also enjoying beautiful Nordic scenery.

Norway is Europe’s biggest marine recreational fishing (MRF) nation due in part to its many health-promoting and wellbeing benefits, including powerful nature experiences, quality time with friends and family, and positive impact on the environment and economy.

Sørøya in particular is known for the high number of different fish species on the island – both in coastal waters and its many lakes. As part of the journey, certified coastal fishing guides provide valuable insight about the best locations, equipment, species, and how to get big fish to bite as well as encouraging good fish health and welfare while preventing negative impacts on fish stocks. For an extended stay, the island of Sørøya also has hiking trails and friendly locals to engage.

Sustainable luxury travel company Up Norway has debuted new private excursions on land and sea for avid anglers and big-time adventure seekers.
Hiking and Packrafting

Another new adventure includes hiking and packrafting from the Sami town of Kautokeino through Reisa National Park on the Arctic trail.

Travelers can experience untouched natural landscapes, see rock art dating back to the Bronze Age (1800 BCE) and enjoy authentic Sami culture. Truly disconnected from the world – with no cell phone coverage – the hike takes travelers approximately 25 miles into the Reisa valley, past the 65 ft high Imofossen Waterfall, before packrafting down the crystal-clear Reisa river, one of the world’s most bountiful salmon rivers.

The trail ends with a stay at Reisastua Lodge where travelers can toast to the end of their trek with a glass of champagne in the rooftop jacuzzi.

Up Norway offers journeys tailored to each traveler’s special interest. Additional extreme adventures range from following the reindeer migration across the frozen tundra to king crab fishing, alpine dog-sledding in Troms and Finnmark counties, and whale watching in the fjords for humpbacks and orcas

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