Christmas on the White Continent

Natural World Safaris offers intrepid travelers the chance to spend Christmas and New Year’s 2024 in one of the world’s most remarkable locales, Antarctica. 

The travel company has chartered the M/V Polar Pioneer, a small expedition ship, for an exclusive Natural World Safaris trip to explore the very best spots of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands for a guaranteed White Christmas.

The Polar Pioneer is no stranger to the icy waters of the Southern Ocean, with a long track record of exploring the remote polar regions. A team of expert guides, including historians and naturalists, will accompany you, offering an in-depth insight into the environment, wildlife, and history of the continent as we utilize the benefit of having a small ship to reach often inaccessible landing sites.

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December is a great time to experience this vast frozen wilderness with its spectacular ice formations, big tabular icebergs, and busy penguin rookeries with hatching and young chicks, plus the added benefit of 24 hours of daylight at this time of year to make the most of each day. Guests will need to keep an eye out for different whale and seal species as the Polar Pioneer cruises the frozen coastline.

As the 24 hours of darkness that shrouds the continent for eight months of the year gives way to a brief austral summer, the itinerary allows travelers to delve into this vast wilderness to spend Christmas and New Year 2024 in one of the most unique and dramatic landscapes in the world.

Natural World Safaris offers intrepid travelers the chance to spend Christmas and New Year's 2024 in one of the world's most remarkable locales, Antarctica. 

No place on Earth compares to this vast white wilderness of elemental forces: snow, ice, water, rock. This frozen wilderness has long held much allure for adventurers and while it remains one of the hardest, most remote destinations to reach, it’s no longer the domain of a handful of bearded explorers or wintering research scientists.

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During the 13-day December 2024 itinerary, which departs from Ushuaia in Argentina, there will be chances to sail the Drake Passage, visit vast penguin colonies, spy whales, seals, and sea birds, and to welcome the New Year from the ice.

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