New Walking Experience Launches in South Africa

Natural Selection launches the De Hoop Camino, a luxury coastal walking experience in the pristine beauty of South Africa’s De Hoop Nature Reserve.

Lekkerwater Beach Lodge and Morukuru Beach Lodge, both situated in the De Hoop Nature Reserve, have teamed up to offer their guests The De Hoop Camino, a five day, four night guided and unguided walking experience that explores the reserve’s rich marine, plant and wildlife on foot.

The De Hoop Nature Reserve extends along the southern coast of South Africa and is often referred to as the ‘Jewel of the Western Cape’. Lekkerwater Beach Lodge is situated approximately in the centre of the reserve’s coastline with Morukuru Beach Lodge to the west. Each lodge offers a comfortable off-grid coastal escape surrounded by the rich nature of the region, from the endemic fynbos and inter-tidal ecosystems to the remarkable mammal and birdlife.

The walk starts at Lekkerwater Beach Lodge (below), where guests spend their first two nights, staying in one of seven intimate suites, each with a private deck overlooking a five-kilometre stretch of pristine beach.

The first day on this walking experience starts with an optional 6km walk from the interior of the reserve to Lekkerwater on the coast. On day two, guests will have the whole day to enjoy guided marine and nature walks exploring the coastline, or unguided beach and fynbos walks, swimming in rock pools (weather and tide dependant), discovering interesting fauna and flora, or relaxing at the lodge soaking up the breath-taking views and glorious sunshine.

Natural Selection launches the De Hoop Camino, a luxury coastal walking experience in the pristine beauty of South Africa's De Hoop Nature Reserve.

Guests may spot schools of surfing dolphins and countless bird sightings (including the endangered black oystercatcher) while enjoying marine life thriving amongst the gullies and rock pools. Between July and November, Southern Right whales migrate here from Antarctica to calve and breed in the warmer waters close to shore, making this an exceptional whale watching experience.

Day three is when the guests hit the long trail, embarking on a leisurely self- guided 6.5-8 hour coastal walk along a walking trail from Lekkerwater Beach Lodge to Morukuru Beach Lodge, further west (luggage will go on ahead).

The walk includes the most breath-taking section of the remarkable Whale Trail (the walk between the two lodges is a significant chunk of the Whale Trail’s Day four and all of Day five). This is 15-kilometres of endless Indian Ocean views, surrounding hills, gorges, caves and ravines to enjoy. The landscape along the walk consists of a combination of beautiful sandy beaches, limestone karst rock platforms, cliffs and secluded beaches. Inland from the coast, walkers will discover large lowland fynbos.

Finally, guests get to Morukuru Beach Lodge where luxury awaits. The five-bedroom lodge is ideal for those seeing an eco-beach holiday, where they can fully immerse themselves in this coastal nature experience. The roof top terrace offers expansive views of the ocean, while the swimming pool and hot-tub are a welcomed respite for weary feet.

Natural Selection launches the De Hoop Camino, a luxury coastal walking experience in the pristine beauty of South Africa's De Hoop Nature Reserve.

A full day can be spent exploring the coastline around Morukuru, indulging in various activities including guided nature and tidal walks, and encountering the rich diversity of sea life. There is also a guided fynbos experience which will introduce guests to various species of seasonal flowers.

After five blissful days spent walking, on the last night guests will enjoy a beautiful last sunset at Morukuru, while relaxing and reflecting on the experience they have just had and the unique journey they have just been on

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