Carry-ons Inspired by the Queen of the Skies

In the market for luggage that instills a timeless design and also captures a slice of history? British Airways and Globe-Trotter’s new 747-inspired carry-on might be perfect. 

Everyone (of an age at least) remembers their first trip on a Boeing 747. The original jumbo enchanted the flying public from its first take-off on February 9, 1969, and of the many carriers that were to fly the aircraft type in the years since, it was British Airways that always had a very special relationship with the Queen of the Skies.

So it’s fitting that only months after the airline announced that it had brought the retirement date of its 747 fleet forward, due to the impact on the aviation industry of Covid-19, it should collaborate with fellow British brand Globe-Trotter to create a very special luggage line celebrating the carrier’s jumbo jets.

The new carry on case, limited to just 150 units, is marked with the unmistakable Speedbird insignia of British Airways (called BOAC at the time of receiving its first 747) and takes its inspiration from the airline’s 747’s original livery of dark blue and white, a look that epitomizes the glamorous age of luxury air travel to this day.

Constructed from Globe-Trotter’s popular vulcanized fibreboard body, which ensures it’s both durable and feather-light, each case is expected to take on an eye-catching pearlescent shine that contrasts with its navy blue leather corners and handles. The gold Speedbird insignia takes center stage, but travelers will also appreciate that each case also boasts a precious fragment of an actual 747 aircraft, set into its interior lid, creating a mark of history that is truly one of a kind.

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