Caressing the Cold

For travellers looking to indulge in a timeless Nordic tradition, the Arctic Bath Hotel & Spa keeps things very chilled indeed.

When we think of spas we typically think of fluffy dressing gowns, soft treacle-hued light, and warm, cosy treatment rooms, but a new wellness destination in Sweden takes things in an entirely different direction.

The Arctic Bath Hotel & Spa spends its summers floating atop the waters of the Lule River, and its winters frozen in ice, making for an extraordinary wellness experience for lovers of both warm and cold climates, although we think it’s rather special when the snow falls. Inspired by the river’s history as a timber floating route, the Off the Map Travel-operated boutique retreat boasts six minimalist wooden cabins, each with large windows from which you might catch the Northern Lights.

At the heart of the property is the circular spa and Arctic Bath, which has been designed by Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi and constructed with local materials to ensure a minimal environmental impact. Here the intrepid can indulge in a selection of contemporary spa treatments and work up a sweat in the various saunas before plunging into icy waters under star-filled skies.

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